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Digital marketing is Online Promotional Strategy that uses the Internet and Online Digital Technologies such as Software Devices (like Computers, Tablets) or Mobile Phones and Other Digital Media (Email, SMS, Search, Videos, Digital Display) and platforms (like Mobile Apps, Websites, Social Media, E-commerce/Online Marketplaces) to Promote Brands, Products, Goods & Services.
It is a Customer Acquisition Strategy that is based on Online Customer Conversion through Digital Engagement by using Various Digital Platforms (Websites and Social Media- Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, Pinterest etc.) and Devices (Mobile Phones, Computers, iPads, Tablets etc)

This Category is a Digital Library and Collection of Free Learning Videos, Articles,Tutorials, Documentaries, Talks and Knowledge Guides on Digital Marketing Use Cases, Examples, Case Studies, & Online Customer Acquisition Digital Strategies & Plans of Various Organizations and Startups