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Retail Marketing Technology

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Serves as an innovative hub for open learning, drawing upon content from prominent internet sources such as YouTube, Wikipedia, and OpenAI.

Inspired by a wealth of personal and professional experiences spanning over 25 years, the platform is dedicated to the creation, aggregation, and classification of content and topics.

It recognizes the pivotal role played by the creation, categorization, classification, and aggregation of open knowledge content, including free videos and articles, within the vast landscape of the World Wide Web.

The Goal

of this Platform is Knowledge Empowerment by Making Learning Accessible to All.

Picture the platform as a dynamic directory, akin to yellow pages, seamlessly amalgamating educational articles and videos with freely available resources.

The ultimate aim is to provide a Centralized, Comprehensive Solution for Self-Learning across the domains of Retail, Marketing, Technology, AI, Data Science, Analytics, Business, Entrepreneurship and many other Subjects.

The Goal

The Founder and CEO

is a Business & Management Leader, a Serial Entrepreneur with 20+ Years Experience and has Expertise in multiple industries, specialising in Retail, Marketing, Technology, Brand, Education, AI & Data Science, Business & Startups

His Experience spans across Multiple industries – Retail, FMCG, CPG, Media and Entertainment, Banking and Financial Services, Media & Entertainment, Telecom, Technology, E-commerce, Food & Beverages, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Education, Outsourcing & Consulting. 

Currently Based in Austria and India. For more details Visit : LinkedIn Profile

The Platform Provides

Content Creation, Aggregation, Classification and Consulting Services

We use the Philosophy of Semantic Web and Topical Modeling for Aggregation, Classification and Aggregation of Free Content, to Learn or Upgrade Knowledge from Freely Available Knowledge Resources on the Web (from Wiki, Youtube and other Open Public Platforms that offer Free Learning Resources).

We also Publish our own Learning Articles regularly. Embracing a diverse range of sources, we utilize free internet resources and Open AI to enhance the depth and breadth of our ideas, practical learnings and content sourced from decades of our Problem Solving Experience across Industries.

By incorporating real-world examples and case studies, our articles strive to provide valuable insights and practical wisdom crafted from over 25 years of personal and professional experiences

Free Public Knowledge Boosters on Variety of Topics including Retail, Marketing Technology, AI, Robotics, Analytics, Data Science, Big Data, Languages.

Retail Marketing Technology
Who We Are

Vision & Mission

Become Torch Bearers for Topical Authority, Semantic Web, NLP, Document Classification, Clustering, Web Crawlers and Indexing. Become Torch Bearers for OPEN Learning Online from the Vast Ocean of Free Content based on Semantic SEO and Natural Language Processing Eventually.

Encourage people to become Risk Averse and Explore, Experiment and become Entrepreneurs by Embracing and Celebrating Failures– We want the World to Share their Failure Stories and Lessons Learnt in the Failure Stories Section on our Platform.

Become a Global Knowledge and Business Platform for marketing, technology, retail, education, Companies and Startups by democratising knowledge, content sharing and consulting Services.

While the core content on the platform will Always Remain Free, but another Segment of this Platform is poised to evolve into a Premium Platform or eStore offering digital downloads such as eBooks, Code Scripts, Digital Designs and a diverse range of Value Adds & Consulting Services in form of eBooks across specialized topics and domains.

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For Business Audit, Consulting & Advisory Services : [email protected]

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